Improving graphics

I'm currently working on improving the graphics for the game. I realised that I needed to do this looking the ugly default graphic that Google shows when you search for "Merc Tactics". 

Firstly, I've changed the main strategy map. Previously it was a generated image, which didn't look great. So, now I have created a hand drawn map.

In Merc Tactics both the terrain textures  the scene layout are procedurally generated. I have being improving these algorithms. The ground textures were too bland before. Now, the ground textures can vary much more, going from arid sandy to grassy terrain and can also have concrete surface in areas with buildings. The type of terrain corresponds to the location of the village on the main map.

Grassy scene:

Arid scene:

Also, the placement of objects in the scene is improved. Before, stuff was laid out too randomly and didn't look very logical. Now buildings are placed next to roads and vehicles are parked either along side buildings or next to roads. Parts of the scene are separated into industrial (i.e. warehouses with pallets and fork lifts, etc.) and residential areas.

Next thing on the list is the HUD and inventory window. I plan to release a new version with the improved graphics soon.

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