Version 1.5.2: Bug fix

This is a bug fix version, fixing the following bugs:

  • The AI turn can hang, if they take grenade damage during there own turn
  • Movement of physics objects goes slow if PC cannot run game at 60 FPS
  • Soldiers kicking door splinters causes violent acceleration
  • Avoid collisions when calculating move
  • Improved splinter sounds. 
  • Improved path creation
  • Remove splinters stuck in other objects
  • Soldiers hit by door splinters take more damage
  • HUD does not update properly after taking a shot

Note: the Windows version has been switched to 64-bit for performance reasons.

Previously, 1.5.1 fixed the following bugs:

  • AI soldier can move through unseen character
  • Pathfinder doesn't update when door opens/closes, resulting that a soldier can get stuck behind door
  • AI can accidentally throw a grenade onto roof when trying to hit the enemy
  • When a soldier spots the enemy all undo's are disabled for whole team (to avoid cheating)


MercTacticsDemoSetupBeta1.5.2.exe 141 MB
Mar 07, 2023
MercTacticsDemoBeta1.5.2.tar.gz 141 MB
Mar 07, 2023 145 MB
Mar 07, 2023

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