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Merc Tactics is a squad-based tactical strategy, similar to games such as Jagged Alliance, or XCOM. 

You control a squad of mercenaries that have to fight their way through a region controlled by numerous militia forces. On your way you pick up weapons, armor, recruit new mercs and receive help from allied forces.

The game is in an advanced stage of development. We are releasing a free Beta demo to get some player feedback. We are especially interested in feedback about game play: if it was too hard, or too easy and any ideas to improve the game.

The game comes with built-in help. As you play the first scene, pop-up windows will explain how everything works. To start the game just select "New Campaign" from the main menu. There's also a "Quick battle" feature, that you can select to just play one battle.

Some unique features:

  • This game is more focused on making use of available cover, and close-in fighting, rather than long range sniping. Each scene requires a different approach, depending on how it's laid out, and as all scenes are generated procedurally, that means there is a huge variety of battles.
  • Most things in the game are randomly generated. That includes scenes, the main map and the distribution of resources and enemies. This means each time you play the game the outcome can be quite different.
  • A considerable amount of time has being spent on perfecting the AI, leading to well balanced behaviour, quite smart, but at the same time not insanely difficult.
  • The game automatically adjusts the difficulty based on how well the player is performing.
  • Although this game is inspired by Jagged Alliance it, it does not try to copy it. Notably, I designed the game rules and mechanics with simplicity in mind, so as to be easy to play on tablets and smart phones. My design criterion was to only include features which made the game genuinely fun to play and eliminate features that just add complexity for complexity's sake. That being said, there still is a lot of features that are missing, because I simply did not have the resources to include them in "version 1.0". You can look at "version 1.0" as just the beginning. Version 2 and 3 will add the missing features and greatly expand on this game.
  • This is a beta version, and you may notice some rough edges. Particularly, the user interface and some of the graphics have yet to be finished. However, the game has been thoroughly tested and you should not encounter any major bugs.

I hope you like the game and have fun playing.

Install instructions

Windows installer requires 118MB disk space.  Supports all versions of Windows.


MercTacticsSetup0.9.exe 129 MB

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