New Version 0.8

Version 0.8 has been released

This version adds many new features, some as result from feedback from players

  • Players can choose whether to have manual or automatic interrupts, via the "Auto-overwatch"  setting. You can enable this feature in settings and then your mercs will automatically shoot enemy entering their kill zone.
  • At end of turn mercs enter overwatch mode automatically if they have enough action points for a shot
  • Fullscreen setting.
  • Auto-difficulty has been improved. Number of soldiers in enemy squad now varies according to the difficulty level of the player.
  • Players who want more challenge can choose the "Maximum difficulty" feature.
  • Ambient sounds during battle and music. Gunshots now have reverb.
  • Amount of action points required to reach a location is displayed on the move path.
  • Undo button now only undoes previous two moves at a time.
  • Executable is now compiled using GCC, leading to performance improvements.
  • DDX textures are used to reduce video RAM use.
  • Fmod is now used instead of OpenAL
  • Better deployment of combatants when entering a third party battle.
  • Many bugs fixed

Also, I have added a third level to the campaign. The villages below the Den Babi level are now populated with powerful enemy. New weapons and armor have also been added.

Note: This feature is only available to beta testers who are willing to provide feedback. You can contact me at or leave a message below if you are interested in beta testing.


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Feb 07, 2019

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