New version 0.7

Beta 0.7 has been released. The main reason for this update was that the game did not run Nvidia GPUs. This has now been fixed.(sorry for any inconvenience)

A couple of features were already in the works. So, these have been added too:

  • The interrupts mechanism has been changed. It now is a simpler mechanism that's easier for the player to understand. (See next post for details)
  • The auto skill has been tweeked. 
  • Highlight important details in dialog text.
  • The HUD now displays AP cost for current weapons fire mode, so you no longer have to open the expended HUD to see this value.
  • The mouse wheel zoom has been reversed to be same as other games.
  • Many small bugs have been fixed.


MercTacticsSetup0.7.exe 84 MB
Nov 23, 2018

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