1.5 Released

Today we are releasing version 1.5 of Merc Tactics. 

The 2 major new features are destructible doors and procedurally generated industrial buildings:

New features:

  • Doors can be damaged if a grenade explodes nearby

  • Improved building generation algorithm. 
    • It now generates industrial buildings, as well as residential. 
    • Buildings have more details and textures. 
    • Doors can now be boarded up (only way to open is by using grenades). 
  • Improved grenades. 
    • The trajectory calculation has been improved to show where it may collide with obstacles. 
    • Grenade explosions have been improved: now using  soft particle effects. 
    • Also, grenades now travel further (rolling on ground) 
    • throw animation has been improved.
  •  Improved AI
    • AI soldiers can throw grenades at doors to dislodge enemy 
    • AI can now take cover by closing door
    • AI throw grenades more often, and calculate trajectory better
  • Improved Undo
    • You can now undo most actions with less restrictions. The player can undo single actions  one, by one, or all actions.
  • Improved mouse handling
    • You can now move soldiers by left clicking and / or dragging move path.
    • Visual indication when mouse is hovering over a soldier.
  • Improved diagonal movement
    • Soldiers can now move diagonally between objects (if the object dimensions allow it)
  • Doors can be opened/closed from the inside left side

  • Some improved UI graphics.  
    • Animated selection decal
    • Rotate decal graphic
  •  AI turns are now paused until grenade has finished exploding. Turn logic improved to prevent game getting stuck on AI turn.
  • If a gun is dropped on the ground, it waits for it to stop moving before it appears in  the ground panel. 
  • Scrap merchant pays more if soldiers have taken lots of damage. (To allow enough money for hospital fees)

This release also includes a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Games saves are compatible with previous version.


MercTacticsDemoSetupBeta1.5.exe 141 MB
Feb 27, 2023
MercTacticsDemoBeta1.5.tar.gz 141 MB
Feb 27, 2023
MercTacticsDemoBeta1.5.app.zip 145 MB
Feb 27, 2023

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So half the locations are blocked in the demo version, is there a non-demo version where they are locked? 

Or is that part not finished yet? 


you can get the full version if you do some testing and provide feedback. ask the developer for the link to the full version.


Yes, if you agree to do some beta testing I can give a link to the full version. Send me a mail: edwelch@astronautz.com


Hey, nice to see that the new release has arrived! I will give it a try during the next days and give some feedback. Can I download the full version at the usual place (changing the version number, of course)? 


Wait a while. I am about to release a bug fix


It's not in the usual place, because I changed servers. Send me an email and I'll send you the link


Thanks. I hope you like it.


Thanks for your hard work !