Version 1.3.1 released

Today we are releasing Merc Tactics 1.3.1. This is a minor release which brings bug fixs and improvements.

New features:

  • Allow  change weapon action to be undone (this effectively allows to player to test how far a grenade can be shown, without losing action points)
  • AI sometime use the "defend buildings" strategy when they realise they are over-powered.
  • Ben Dabi use defend buildings strategy sometimes
  • Better balanced difficulty levels, easy, normal, hard and very hard. Difficulty levels are now specified from a xml file.
  • Enemy AI only throws grenade on second opportunity on easy level
  • Soldiers are smarter, depending on difficulty level
  • online help for hot keys
  • More powerful stats for M87 grenade, which is also rarer
  • Make only certain characters have grenades
  • Speeded up change weapon and throw animations when soldier not visible to make battle proceed quicker
  • The same key that opens a dialog is also used to close it. Dialogs can also be closed using the ESC key (instead of enter)
  • Tweaked conditions to get guns, armour and grenades during battle
  • Clicking on HUD portrait centers the soldier in center of screen

Bugs fixed

  • Battle gets stuck in loop after throwing grenade
  • More accurate grenade trajectory calculation. More hit testing prevents player from throwing grenades that will accidently bounce back off walls, door frames, etc.
  • Grenade detonates quicker, but waits until hitting ground at least once
  • Grenade trajectory not shown when out of range
  • Flickering HUD 
  • Remove feature to increase visual range after taking a shot with scoped rifle. This feature is too confusing
  • Swap scope/ silencer attachment bug
  • Swapping gun with broken gun results in the gun put into wrong group 
  • Prevent soldier aiming flush against corner of building from shooting into building
  • Allow undo throw bug
  • Fix grenades bouncing through floor. 
  • Wait for grenade to explode before ending turn
  • Prevent showing grenade explosion out of range
  • Cap on max allied soldiers in a battle
  • Changing the file version error message

Unfortunately, changes resulted in previous game saves not being compatible with the new version.


MercTacticsDemoSetupBeta1.3.1.exe 134 MB
Oct 08, 2021
MercTacticsDemoBeta1.3.1.tar.gz 135 MB
Oct 08, 2021 138 MB
Oct 08, 2021

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Hello Ed,

sounds as if you resolved many issues and suggestions that have been reported here by the beta testers (including me :-) . I am going to do some testing as soon as I will be back from my vacations in 2 weeks. Is the full version available on your server?

Yes, the full version is available on the server, but it's 1.3.2, not 1.3.1. I had to release a last minute bug fix. Send me and email if you have any problems downloading. Thanks very much for testing ;)