Version 1.2.1 released

Today we have released version 1.2.1 for Windows, Linux and MacOS

This version is primarily for stability and to improve the AI algorithm.

New features:

  • Many improvements and bug fixes for the AI during battle. 
  • All weapons have increased range by 2. Visual range has also increased proportionally.
  • More accurate firing precision. Improved aiming code.
  • More screen size options and the monitor can now for be chosen for full screen mode.
  • Fix bugs merging between animations. Better kneeling animations
  • Many, many other bug fixes.

Note: game saves from previous version remain compatible.


MercTacticsDemoSetupBeta1.2.1.exe 134 MB
Mar 31, 2021
MercTacticsDemoBeta1.2.1.tar.gz 134 MB
Mar 31, 2021 137 MB
Mar 31, 2021

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