Version 1.2 released

Today we are releasing version 1.2 of Merc Tactics, which brings a lot of new features:

  • Scopes
    There are two types, the scout scope gives the weapon +1 accuracy and the sniper scope, which gives + accuracy to both the weapon and soldier. Scopes also increase visual range, but only when aiming. Scopes cannot be detached or attached during battle. The player can obtain silencers and scopes from battle loot and in the arms store. Also allies will trade them for weapons.

  • Silencers

There are two types, 9mm cal which can be attached to any submachine gun and 5.56mm cal, which can be attached to any 5.56mm cal assault rifle. Silencers can be attached or detached during battle using 3 action points. Enemy do not hear silenced weapons. Also, the soldier firing a silenced weapon does not incur a hearing penalty, however the weapon has 10% less power.

  • Improved trading with allies. If you help allies in a battle they may offer to trade cash, or silencers/scopes for weapons in your inventory.

  • Redesigned HUD and inventory screen to allow weapon attachments.

  • New AI attack behaviour: some enemy soldiers stick to their patrol areas, which means in big battles the player will have to move the squad around and clear the enemy section by section.
  • Improved AI: enemy soldier can now can track multiple targets and handle overwatch better. Improved overwatch animations.
  • The Auto-difficulty feature has been removed. It was an interesting experiment, but did not work out well in practice. Instead the player chooses the difficulty setting and can change it at any point during the game. This gives the player more control. Difficulty setting mainly affects the number of soldiers and soldier stats in the militia groups. Changing difficulty level will only affect militia groups that have not yet been encountered.

  • The maximum range for all weapons has been increased by 23%. Weapon attributes have also been re-balanced. Visual range has also increased.
  • Target indicator color shows probability of hitting target. Bright green = 100%, bright red < 2%. In auto fire mode the color shows the probability of just one bullet hitting. Note: The calculation is not 100% accurate when the target is behind cover.

  • Lower levels of accuracy are now more accurate.
  • Improved handling of shooting targets around corners and through windows
  • Road signs pointing to next village appear in scene. This makes it easier for player to tell from which road an impending enemy attack will arrive.

  • Some improved weapon sounds
  • Improved performance of pathfinding in third party battles
  • Unaware enemy soldier, who have not yet seen the player's squad is indicated by a "zzz" in target indicator
  • Better handling of death animations, so gun does not intersect objects when dropped.
  • Redesigned weapon cache for better allocation of weapons to enemy soldiers.
  • Rebalanced militia group sizes, especially in later stages of game.
  • Better handling of battle loot for third parties.
  • Many bug fixes 


Linux version no longer requires GLEW, or glfw installed

Game saves from previous versions are no longer compatible.


MercTacticsDemoSetupBeta1.2.exe 134 MB
Feb 16, 2021

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