Version 1.0 Beta

This is a major new version with the following new features and improvements:

1) Improved AI interrupt behaviour

This is a subtle change, but has increased the playability of the game enormously. Now the enemy soldiers, standoff and try to get an interrupt, more often, rather than rushing in. It means that it's easier to defend buildings and the player can use a wider variety of strategy to defeat the enemy. 

2) Detection of enemy by sound

If the enemy soldiers move near one of your squad, a red flashing circle appears where your soldier thinks he heard the enemy. Of coarse, the location is not exact. This makes it harder for the enemy to sneak up on your squad. Also, any soldier who has fired his weapon in previous turn will have a reduced hearing range.

3) Predictable deployment of enemy

The enemy are now deployed mainly in buildings and guard posts. This makes easier to avoid bumping into the enemy before you have reached a good defence position.

4) Sale of excess equipment to allies

After you assist allied soldiers in a battle you have the option of selling them your excess equipment. The option is only available immediately after the battle.

5) New 3D assets

We have added guard posts, new wall types and buildings and made the building textures inter-changeable.

Guard post

Guard post

6) Scene generation improvements

better wall generation and placement of objects

7) Keyboard short cuts

Commonly used functions can now be accessed by keyboard shortcuts:

in battle mode:

arrow keyspan camera 
BEGIN / ENDzoom camera in/out
SPACEselects next merc in your squad
Ccurrently selected merc crouches
Scurrently selected merc stands
Btoggles between fire modes (single shot/burst/auto)
Uundoes previous move
Ypick up item (if possible)
Wexchange weapon from backpack
Dends turn; ends deployment mode
ENTERcycles through all enemies your team knows about
Fflips camera to opposite view
Itoggles HUD extended / retracted
Kopens main menu
Mopens map
Oopens settings screen
Gtoggles grid on/off
Hopens shortcut help screen

These are the keyboard shortcuts on the map screen

arrow keyspan map 
SPACEtoggles between Pause / run
Iopens the inventory screen
ENTERcloses any open window, or screen
left rightin inventory screen, select next merc
Kopens main menu
Oopens settings screen

8) Other features

  • Soldiers shown outlined when hidden by objects
  • Improved overwatch graphics
  • better enemy target graphics: health bar, hit chance, etc.
  • camera can be swapped to opposite view
  • ability to select and sell multiple items in scrap merchant screen
  • improved inventory scroll bar
  • better weapon graphics
  • more detailed task information given by Tito
  • better camera panning to point of interest in battle
  • pathfinder calculates path based on what combatant can see, not what is actually there. This prevents a loophole using pathfinder as a way to find unseen enemies
  • raiding party returns when home village attacked 
  • better positioning and animation of selected merc graphics
  • Many other small bug fixes and minor improvements


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May 08, 2020

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Hi ! Would you release a PC Linux version please ?


I don't know how much work would be involved. It's a long time since I used Linux . I will look into it anyway.

You'll be happy to know the linux version has now been released