New version 0.9.2

Version 0.9.2 of Merc Tactics has been released today. This is a minor bug fix version.

This is what has changed:

  • Removed small battle menu, main menu is used instead. Now you can access all items from battle.
  • New oil tank model
  • More green areas on main map
  • Overwatch displays more clearly when no APs for shot
  • Improve full screen for large screens
  • Better paving ground textures
  • Prevent 2 instances of game running
  • Help bubbles close with any click
  • Add windows icon
  • Display multiple hit information more spaced out
  • Disable advanced Quickbattle battles in demo version
  • Better error recovery. Display missing files on screen
  • fix frame rate bug for slow PCs
  • fix new game session bug
  • fix crash when creating scene
  • fix deployment bug
  • fix bug map data not cleared when creating new game
  • fix clip bug displaying HUD
  • fix bug: sometimes can't get gun needed to hire Wartski
  • fix bug: country battle happens too close to village
  • fix bug: button hit areas overlap in HUD


MercTacticsDemoSetup0.9.2.exe 130 MB
Nov 11, 2019

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