New version 0.9

Version 0.9 has been released today. It is mainly improving the graphics of the game.
These are the new changes:

  • More 3D assets and building types.
  • Improved scene generation: buildings and vehicles laid out more logicaly
  • Industrial and residential zones
  • Improved main map
  • Improved terrain generation. 6 types of scene terrain corresponding to areas on main map
  • More militia soldier variants
  • Redesigned HUD
  • Improved fullscreen version
  • Switched to sRGB
  • Improved shadow shader.
  • Improved handling of Ben Dabi raiding parties
  • Improved ambient sounds
  • Improved auto interrupt feature (Fixed bug: shooting wrong target.)
  • better placement of 2nd level hospital

Note: game saves form previous versions may not compatible with 0.9

Note: This version does not include the third level to the campaign, which is only available to beta testers who are willing to provide feedback.You can contact me at or leave a message below if you are interested in beta testing.


MercTacticsSetup0.9.exe 129 MB
Oct 18, 2019

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Nice my friend nice, keep it up, this game will be a hit in no time!

Thanks ;)