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New version 0.9.2
Version 0.9.2 of Merc Tactics has been released today. This is a minor bug fix version. This is what has changed: Removed small battle menu, main menu is used i...
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New version 0.9
Version 0.9 has been released today. It is mainly improving the graphics of the game. These are the new changes: More 3D assets and building types. Improved sce...
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Improving graphics
I'm currently working on improving the graphics for the game. I realised that I needed to do this looking the ugly default graphic that Google shows when you se...
New Version 0.8
Version 0.8 has been released This version adds many new features, some as result from feedback from players Players can choose whether to have manual or automa...
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New interrupt mechanism
In the latest version of Merc Tactics the interrupt mechanism has been greatly simplified. The player can put any soldier into "overwatch" mode, provided that t...
New version 0.7
Beta 0.7 has been released. The main reason for this update was that the game did not run Nvidia GPUs. This has now been fixed.(sorry for any inconvenience) A c...
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